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theme from jaws - john williams

Fishbowl Frolics



Two goldfish pets

Bertha and Jim

He fancied her

But Bertha not him


Bertha was large

Triple Jim's size

How he adored

Her bulging black eyes


Jim was obsessed

Chased her and then

Circled his love

Again and again


Bertha felt cheap

Like she'd been stalked

If she had legs

She’d jump out and walk


So Bertha chose

A change of tack

Invited Jim

To come for a snack



Feeling so great

Jim had a bath

And dressed for his date


Bertha then pouts,

'Come over here

Let me blow bubbles

Into your ear'


Jim all aquiver

Jim couldn’t wait

Big Bertha knew

He’d take the bait


Jimmy torpedoed

Across the bowl

She opened wide

And swallowed him whole


© Mark Bird 2010

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