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Brother For Sale - Chapter 9

Mum wouldn’t look at me. I was grounded forever and sent to my room.


Todd cried all night and was still crying the next morning. All because of me. I heard Mum reading stories and singing nursery rhymes as she rocked, cuddled and cradled my baby brother. But nothing cured his crying.


About 8 o’clock, my bedroom door swung open. Mum bounced Todd in her arms as he screamed. Dark bags swelled beneath her bloodshot eyes. “What do you want for breakfast?”


“Mum, I'm sorry - I'm so stupid. I love Todd. I didn’t realise.”


I braced myself for the biggest telling off of my life. But just as Mum inhaled half the world's oxygen, Todd’s cries turned to sniffles. He stretched his arms towards me. “Bubba.”


A proud grin chased away Mum’s scowl. “He spoke! His first word! He said ‘brother'.”


“I feel so bad.”


“So you should.” Mum shook her head and placed Todd in my arms. A snowfall of silence settled throughout the house.


I stared into his smiling, blue eyes. They looked just like mine. My tummy went all weird and tickly - a bit like when you score a goal. Or when you get top marks and the teacher tells the whole class. But better.


Todd reached out and squeezed my thumb. He put it in his mouth. It didn’t feel too nice but I didn’t mind. He was my brother after all.


“Do you want to tell him a story while I make breakfast?” Mum asked, passing me a book.


“That'd be cool,” I said, “But I don’t need that.”


I looked down at Todd and began, “Once upon a time, there was a really stupid boy called Lewis who had the coolest, baby brother in the whole wide world...”


Todd gurgled. And I gurgled back.



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