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Brother For Sale - Chapter 6

The morning dragged. It was like waiting for Christmas or birthdays. That reminded me. I looked at Todd. “Look, it’s your fault I have to do this. You’d have ruined my birthday otherwise. You never know, you might like old Granny and her granddaughter.” Todd stared at me moving his lips like a goldfish. Who was I kidding?


He wrapped his fragile fingers around my thumb and pulled it towards his mouth. I sighed and stuffed his dummy in.

11:30. I sat in the window, eyes fixed on the path leading to the front door. Trouble was, you couldn’t see down the road because of the overgrown hedge surrounding our garden.


Mum walked in with a bowl of popcorn. She sat on the sofa and put her feet up. I’d told her I’d watch Todd. “What are you doing here? You said the back garden needed weeding.” I kept a steady gaze out of the window.


“Can’t your poor Mum have a little rest? I thought we'd watch a film together.” She lifted Todd’s bib to wipe the dribble hanging from his chin. “Why are you sitting in the window?”


“‘Cos I feel like it. Anyway, what about the weeding? The garden’s a mess.” I stole one last glance down the path. I sped over, gripped Mum’s hands and pulled her off the sofa. “What do you always tell me? Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow, what you can do today. Save the popcorn and we'll watch a film later.”


Just then, a thunderbolt thought hit me between the eyes - I hadn’t even planned how I'd explain Todd’s disappearance. Pants! I‘d just tell Mum someone came to the door and took him. I wouldn’t be telling lies! Yep – kidnapped by a mad gran. Easy.


“Oh I get it, Sadie from your class is coming over. Oooo! I know when I’m not wanted.”


“I don’t think so Mum.” I followed her to the kitchen and waited for her to go into the back garden.


The door bell rang.


“Can I say a quick hello?” Mum said through the window. “I can show her your baby bathtime photos.” She thought she was so funny.


“It’ll be Terry from next door,” I watched her smirk off into the shed.


The door bell went again. Three times. I ran into the front room and peeped out of the window.




























There she stood - an old lady, slightly hunched, wearing a thick blanket coat. I could see her curly grey hair trapped beneath a transparent rain hood. It wasn’t even raining. A skinny, head-to-toe-in-pink girl gripped her hand. Her face contorted like an overexcited skinny girl - head to toe in pink.


“Hello? Is anybody in?” The old granny shouted through the letter box. “We haven’t got all day you know.”


I glanced back at Todd. For once he wasn’t laughing or even smiling. He just stared at me - his glassy eyes wide open. Wondering. Watching me as though he knew.

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