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Brother For Sale - Chapter 4

I signed into Mum’s eBay account and uploaded the cutest photo of Todd. I put the scribbled sheet of ideas next to the keyboard. Teddy Todd grinned out from the screen as I typed my seven best, persuasive red sentences.
















Your one and only chance to own the coolest, wickedest, awesomest teddy bear in the whole universe!

He eats, crawls, gurgles, and poops - just like a real baby bear.

More amazing still - he never, EVER cries.

The perfect gift for any child.

No batteries needed.

Only one left for the bargain price of £199.99.

Hurry before it’s too late!!!


*No delivery by post. Must be collected.


Brilliant! No more annoying brother and enough money to buy exactly what I want for my birthday. I clicked the ‘Accept’ button, sat back and admired my advert - live for the world to see. Now all I had to do was wait.


Suddenly there was a knock. “Can I come in Lewis? I’ve brought you a hot chocolate” I jolted forwards and turned the monitor off.


“Yeah, come in.” Mum placed the mug on top of my scrawled notes. “You’ve been busy. So did you find anything?”


“Anything? What do you mean? Oh... for my birthday? No, not yet.”


“Shall we have a look together? I know it’s late but you are on holiday.” Her painted nail flew like a dart towards the screen.


I jumped in front of her and faked a massive yawn. “I’m really tired Mum. We’ll look tomorrow.”


“OK love. See you in the morning.” She kissed me on the cheek. “And thanks for being so great with your brother today. You’re the man of the house now.”


I slid into bed. I stared at the unidentifiable ceiling splodge that had been there as long as I could remember.


Whenever I closed my eyes, the splodge morphed into Todd’s swirling, laughing face. He squeezed my thumb and pulled it towards his mouth.


I yanked it away but he wouldn’t stop. He just kept reaching and grabbing, giggling and swirling - round and around and around.









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