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Brother For Sale - Chapter 1

“Why don’t you read your brother a story?” Mum lifted Todd from the sheepskin rug and plonked him next to me.


“But he doesn’t understand anything. What’s the point?” I snatched the remote and pressed the volume button.


“Turn it down Lewis!” She shoved a book onto my lap. I sneered at the smiling trains on the front. Did I really used to read this stuff?


Mum plucked clothes from radiators at world record speed. She was always a blur these days - bolting around the house like a pinball. When she did stop, it was to bathe Todd or feed Todd or cuddle Todd or put him to bed. Aaaaaaargh!














There was one thing okay about my brother I suppose ... He never cried. Not ever. But that really was the only thing.


“What a lovely sight – my two babies sat together. You look so alike you know. Your cute button noses are identical. And look at those adorable, big blue eyes - you'll break hearts one day.” Mum folded the last bib and dashed to the kitchen.


“I’m not a baby. I’m nearly 11!” I looked at Todd. I didn’t look anything like him. I wasn’t bald and I didn’t have a wrinkled, fat face. Todd wrapped his tiny fingers around my thumb and pulled it towards his mouth. Disgusting!


I opened the book and started reading, “Once upon a blah, blah, blah, blah, there lived a stupid brother called Todd.” I could read the back of a baked bean tin and he'd be happy. What a waste of time. And I was missing my favourite cartoon thanks to him.












I frisbeed the book through the air. It landed, slid across the floorboards and toppled a tower of alphabet bricks. Todd giggled and blew spit-bubbles at me.


Yuk! Stupid brother...


If only I could make him disappear.

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