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goodbye - spice girls

Dreambeast says:

Have you ever lost a friend? Write a Top Ten list of your favourite memories together or what you loved about them as a friend.

Draw a friend and surround it with the most important qualities you look for in a friend.

Becky Bond



Becky Bond is in my class

I really hate her loads

She tried to hold my hand at play

I wish she would explode


Chased me round the Kissing Tree

I hate her quite a lot

Caught me, hugged me, pecked my cheek

I wish she'd sink in snot


Told me answers in the test

Don't like her very much

Then passed me sweets beneath the desk

Ignored her girly touch


I got caught, she took the blame

She's all right I suppose

Said I'd lend her my sharpener

As long as no one knows


Loves The Simpsons, I do too!

She's quite nice I suppose

Said I could keep her Krusty pen

My best friend even knows


Scored a hat-trick after lunch

I like her quite a bit

Stood up to Banga in year 6

I like her I admit


Burped in science, got told off

I like her quite a lot

She's coming mine on Saturday

The coolest friend I've got


Becky was off school today

Her family's moved away

Miss peeled the name tag off her tray

I sat beneath our tree at play


No one chased me, no would could

Not like the way that Becky would

I gulped the lump back down my throat

Felt Krusty safe inside my coat


Sat next to her empty chair

Wished she was here or I was there

To laugh and joke, to run and fly

One final chase before goodbye


©2011 Mark Bird

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