inspirational poems for kids

poor boy - nick drake

Dreambeast says:

Have you ever been picked last? Write three emotions you felt when this happened and use each word in a letter to your classmates telling them how it felt.

If you've never been picked last, exercise your empathy skills and use your letter to imagine how it might feel.


Always Picked Last



Racing, thudding, pumping beat

Banging in my chest

Sure that I am so the worst

Surrounded by the best


No one even looks at me

Hunched, I hang my head

Wishing to be rescued by

The blue team or the red


Confidence has left me too

Sitting by myself

Faulty toy that no one wants

Alone upon a shelf


Dusty floor is cold and hard

Hall so wide and bare

Putting on my see-through mask

Pretending I don't care


Slouching, I stand up and sigh

Class all stare and moan

Teacher glares at Captain Red

His team all huff and groan


Feeling dumb, embarrassed too

Who I’ve grown to be

Every Tuesday after lunch

When we do P.E


Used to be my favourite once

I used to change so fast

Before I learned how bad I was

Always picked last


©2009 Mark Bird

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